How to turn a living room into a bedroom

How to turn a living room into a bedroom

Do you need some extra sleeping space in your home? Are you looking for ways to turn a living room into a bedroom? If so, this article provides helpful tips on how to turn a living room into a bedroom. From materials needed to steps for a successful conversion, this article will provide information that anyone can use to create the desired outcome. Read on to discover how easy it is to transform your living room into the perfect bedroom.

Prepare and plan out the first step

How to turn a living room into a bedroom

Turning a living room into a bedroom can be an exciting and creative project. The key to success is being prepared and planning out the first step in detail. Before getting started, assess the living room space and decide which features you’d like to keep or incorporate into the bedroom. For example, some people choose to leave their large windows exposed while others opt for wallpapering or installing curtains for privacy. 

Next, come up with a plan of action by deciding what needs adjusting such as painting walls, replacing furniture, adding storage solutions, and so on. It’s essential to determine how long each task will take as well as what materials need to be purchased before beginning any work; this will help make sure everything runs smoothly throughout the renovation process. Finally, make sure to stay organized during the remodel by keeping all paperwork such as receipts in one designated place.

Let a little bit of natural light enter

Let some natural light into the bedroom

Natural light is an important element in any bedroom, so it’s important to ensure that you let some daylight into this new space. This can provide a calming atmosphere and enhance the overall aesthetic of the room. 

Adding sheer curtains or blinds onto existing windows is a great option for filtering in sunlight without compromising on privacy. If you’re still struggling with how to bring more natural light into your living/bedroom, consider introducing mirrors that can reflect incoming light around the space, giving it a brighter feel. If there are no windows available then think about installing skylights; although slightly more expensive than other solutions they will give you maximum access to natural daylight.

Hold a king-size bed

Hold a king-size bed

With the right king-size bed and furniture, it’s easy to make your living room feel like a comfortable and inviting sleeping area.

First, measure the space where you want to place the bed. You should allow yourself at least two feet of free space around each side of the bed. This will give you enough room to easily enter and exit the bed, as well as move any furniture if needed. Make sure that when you purchase your king-size mattress, it is no bigger than these measurements so that it fits comfortably in the space without overpowering it.

Attach a book stand to a shelf

Attach a book stand to a shelf to  bedroom

If you’re looking to turn a living room into a bedroom, one of the best ways to make use of the space is to attach a book stand to the shelf. This not only provides extra storage but also helps create an aesthetically pleasing look that can add more character and charm to any room.

Gather the supplies needed for this project: a drill with screwdriver bits, screws, and of course the book stand itself. Then measure out where you’d like your book stand attached and mark it with a pencil. Once everything is prepared, simply drill pilot holes into the wall using your screwdriver bit and then fit screws into these holes.

Decide to use tables and some chairs

Decide to use tables and some chairs  to bedroom

One of the most important elements of this process is selecting the right furniture pieces that will help to create an inviting and comfortable space. Tables and chairs are among the most essential items for making this transformation successful. 

When shopping for tables and chairs, it’s important to consider both function and aesthetics. A versatile piece of furniture such as an ottoman can serve both as seating or a footrest while also adding a decorative element with its upholstery or fabric. Similarly, functional end tables can provide extra storage space along with featuring beautiful accents like lamps or picture frames. Additionally, when selecting chairs, be sure to pick models comfortable enough for sitting in for long periods of time such as reading or watching television.

Choose versatile furniture for your living space

Choose versatile furniture to turn a living room into a bedroom

The living space in your home should be comfortable and versatile. Whether it’s a living room, den, or family room, it should not just be used for entertaining guests but also serve as an extra bedroom if needed. Luckily, there are furniture pieces that can easily turn your living space into a bedroom with minimal effort. 

The first step is to find multi-functional furniture pieces that can double up as seating and sleeping areas. Look for sofa beds or sectional sofas with sleepers that easily transition from couch to bed. You could also opt for futons or daybeds if you have limited space.

Choose furnishings

Choose furnishings to turn a living room into a bedroom

With a careful selection of furniture and design, you can create the perfect place to rest and relax. Before beginning to shop for furnishings, it is important to plan carefully. Taking measurements of the room and sketching out a few different designs will help you determine what will fit in the space best. 

When selecting furniture, think about comfort as well as design. A bed should be large enough to comfortably fit two people if needed, while also not overwhelming the space with its size. Consider items like dressers and nightstands that serve multiple purposes such as providing extra storage without taking up too much valuable floor space. Think about adding other pieces such as armchairs or chaise lounges that are comfortable but also stylish when choosing furnishings for your living room turned bedroom retreat.

Set up art exhibits

Set up art exhibits to turn a living room into a bedroom

Determine the size of the exhibit and what type of artwork you plan on displaying. Consider if you will use photo frames, sculptures, or any other 3D objects in the space. Ensure that your walls can hold these pieces safely and securely.

Set up art exhibits to turn a living room into a bedroom

Arrange furniture in the room so that viewers are easily able to access each piece without disrupting the display or anyone else’s view. Additionally, consider how much natural light is available during the day as this may affect which pieces look best in certain areas of the room. Lastly, think about adding accent lighting for further effect and atmosphere within your exhibit space. 

Add sliding doors to the interior space

Add sliding doors to turn a living room into a bedroom

Sliding doors can turn a living room into an extra bedroom in minutes! Whether you live in an apartment, condo, or house, sliding doors are the perfect solution for adding extra sleeping space for family and friends. By simply installing a set of sliding doors, you can close off part of your living room to create a private bedroom area.

The great thing about using sliding doors is that they don’t take up any valuable floor space when opened. They easily slide along tracks mounted to the ceiling or wall and are available in many different styles, sizes, and colors so they will fit seamlessly into any existing decor. Installing them is relatively easy too – just make sure to measure twice before drilling any holes! With their versatility and convenience, sliding doors provide an ideal way to transform your sitting place into an extra bedroom without sacrificing style or comfort.

Cover the windows with some curtains

Cover the windows with some curtains

If you want to turn a living room into a bedroom, one of the easiest and most affordable ways to do so is by covering the windows with curtains. Not only can curtains add a little privacy but they can also help make the room cozier and inviting. Curtains are available in a variety of sizes, colors, textures, and styles to fit any budget or personal style preference. Whether you’re looking for something that’s simple and neutral or bright and bold, there’s sure to be an option that fits your needs. 

Curtains are also great for controlling natural light – blackout curtains can eliminate unwanted sunlight while sheer drapes will allow some light in during the day. Plus, they can provide insulation from cold drafts as well as absorb sound to create a quieter atmosphere inside the room.

Set up lights or fix them

Set up lights  to bedroom

One way to make that transformation is through the use of lights. Lights can provide an ambient atmosphere and help create a cozy, inviting space for people to sleep in. By setting up or fixing lights correctly, you can give your sitting place an entirely new look and feel while still retaining its character.

When planning out the lighting setup for your newly transformed bedroom, it’s important to take into consideration the size of the space and what kind of mood you want to create. If your goal is to create a calming environment then adding some soft downlighting or wall sconces may be best suited for this task.

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Paint the walls a different color

Paint the walls a different color to turn the living room into a bedroom

One of the quickest ways to begin is by changing the color of the walls. Painting is an inexpensive and easy way to transform a space from one type of room to another. 

The color chosen can set the tone for how one experiences a particular space. For example, lighter wall colors tend to open up small areas while richer hues can make them feel cozy and inviting. To turn a living room into a bedroom, consider choosing warm neutrals like beige or taupe as they are subtle yet calming enough for sleeping in. Additionally, adding accents such as small pieces of art or colorful throw pillows help bring texture and depth into any room.


With just a few simple steps, you can completely transform the look and feel of your living room into something more private and cozy. Consider using dividers or curtains to section off the area and painting the walls to give it an even more personal touch. Additionally, be sure to invest in comfortable furniture that will make your makeshift bedroom a place you can actually rest and relax in.

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